Lead Actor: John Milo III

as Bo James Christian

1989 Highland State Bulldogs Regular


Highland State 63   Texas Southern Univ 0

Highland State 49              Florida A&M 16

Highland State 42                 Grambling 21

Highland State 52              Alcorn State 24

Highland State 49            Jackson State 42

Highland State 38      Mississippi Valley  35

Highland State 59                  Southern  20

Highland State 35          Alabama State  14

Highland State 42      Bethune-Cookman 13

Highland State 48    Arkansas-Pine Bluff 17

Highland State 52            Alabama A&M 10

Highland State 95        Prairie View A&M  0

Southpoint Raiders Rank #1

Record 12-0

thunder rush thunderrushmovie football nfl xfl

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WR - Carey Drake leading college

receiver 2,517 All purpose yards


"Reminds me of a bit of Rocky with a lot  more twists"...

 Dr. Ronald Hull - Renowned Author

" I really liked the creativity"

  Bill Worrell - Retired Houston Rockets Commentator

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                                           Movie Synopsis

Thunder Rush is an award winning feature film about a little boy who has aspirations to become a football player like Earl Campbell. His mother is a widow who struggles financially to make ends meet and he promises her that once he makes it in Pro Ball he's going to build her a big fine home. Along the way he endures challenges and suffers tragedy that tests his will and resolve to make it to the Pro level. How does it end? Thunder Rush is a powerful down home southern film that will draw movie watchers in emotionally and will have them clapping, cheering and wanting more! Thunder Rush takes you back in

time to the 70's, 80's and 90's era! Relive the MAJIC!!!!

The Rose Bowl, The Cotton Bowl, The Orange Bowl

Lead Actress: Lolitha Oliver

as Bessie Mae Christian

  • WWE Goldberg Entrance Theme3:44

The Football Movie of the Year!

"Wonderful film...I Enjoyed it!"

John Guess, Jr - CEO African American Museum

thunder rush thunderrushmovie

Featured Thunder Cast

Highland State Bulldogs Rank #2

Record 12-0

                                        Movie Background

It's DAVID vs GOLIATH. The Highland State Bulldogs, a Division 1(2)a College

with a student poplulation of 3,800 goes undefeated in it's own division and

earns the qualification to compete for the national Championship against the

Division 1 PAC 10 Powerhouse Southpoint Raiders. Led by Theismann Trophy Winner Quarterback Alonzo Scott looking to secure their 2nd Championship win.  

Do the Bulldogs of Kentucky have the Will and the Heart to knock off the

defending champions Southpoint Raiders? Never in the history of College

football has a Division 1(2)a team gone undefeated, moved up to Division One and defeated a Division 1 Juggernaut. How does it end?

Log on to thunderrushthemovie.com, purchase your game ticket and see how this compelling and dramatic story unfolds!

RB - Lamont King leading college rusher

2,299 All purpose rushing yards

1989 Southpoint Raiders Regular Season Record

Southpoint 56    Rutherford Collg.  0

Southpoint 42                      USC  19

Southpoint 35                Stanford   7

Southpoint 49      Univ.of Houston 14

Southpoint 42          Oregon State 24

Southpoint 52                  Arizona 20

Southpoint 28                     UCLA 21

Southpoint 45            Washington 17

Southpoint 21                  Oregon 20

Southpoint 35      Washington St. 10

Southpoint 30            Arizona St. 13

Southpoint 42              California 10

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