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John Milo ( Bo James Christian,True Freshman Tailback)

Meet our Football Commentators: (L) David Born (R) Markus Tolson

Jessica Zamudio

as Krystal (Love Interest)

  • I'm Ready (12" Inch Mix)7:17

Chase Majors:

as Coach Roy Simon

The Thunder Cast



Former Pro Wrestler Stevie Ray:

as Coach Luther Booker

​brotha ed ( Lamont King, Senior Running Back)

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Movie Synopsis

Thunder Rush is a feature length film about a little boy who has aspirations to 

grow up and become a football player like Earl Campbell. His mother is a widow who struggles financially to make ends meet and he promises her that once he makes it in Pro Ball he's going to build her a big fine home. Along the way he endures challenges and suffers tragedy that tests his will and resolve to make it to the Pros. How does it end? Thunder Rush is a powerful down home southern film that will draw movie watchers in emotionally and will have them standing, clapping and wanting more! Thunder Rush takes you back in

time to the 70's, 80's and 90's. Relive the MAJIC!!!!

  • 1:33

Lead Actress: Lolitha Oliver

as Bessie Mae Christian

Bryce Miller:

as Coach Chad 'Papa' Jones

Lead Actor: John Milo III

as Bo James Christian

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Sports Reporter Jeff Power

as himself

 Evangeline Gabriel-Young

 as Gladys Bradshaw

An Epic High School - College Football Journey

​​​Thunder Rush

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