Filming begins Spring of 2018

‚ÄčThunder Rush

An Epic Texas High School Football Journey

Thunder Rush will be filmed in Houston, Galveston and the Conroe area if you are interested in participating as an extra on the sidelines or in the stands as a fan email me at This is going to be an exciting film project that the entire state of Texas can get behind! It is our goal to take this movie ALL THE WAY!! Thank you very much!!

Movie Synopsis

Thunder Rush is a feature length film about a little boy who has aspirations to 

grow up and become a football player like Earl Camphell. His mother is a widow who struggles financially to make ends meet and he promises her that once he makes it in Pro Ball he's going to build her a big fine home. Along the way he endures challenges and suffers tragedy that tests his will and resolve to make it to the Pros. How does it end? Thunder Rush is a powerful down home southern film that will draw movie watchers in emotionally and will have them standing, clapping and wanting more!

Signs IFBB Bodybuilder John Milo as the Lead Actor in Thunder Rush. Congratulations!!  

Presented by: Award Winning Film Producer brotha ed

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